The waiting game and IVF


In September 2017, we decided that I would stop taking the birth control pill and I actually expected that I would be pregnant in a heartbeat…

Well… I was wrong. Strange how we spend our entire life (between 16 and 33) not to become pregnant. Condoms, birth control pills and morning after pills have probably cost me a fortune 😂. All of a sudden, it shifts. We want to become a mother and we start trying everything to become pregnant. Isn’t it ironic, Alanis Morrisette would say.

I wish I had already read ultrasoundfeminsider’s blogpost about increasing fertility back then. Could have saved me some time… 🙂

After a year of trying to ,naturally, become pregnant (even though I was always calculating my most fertile days like a mad woman 🙂 ), I decided to see my gynaecologist to run some fertility tests and do an echo to look at the inside of my body. At first glance, everything seemed fine, but according to my blood test, I had a VERY low Anti-Müller-Hormone (AMH), which means that my ovarial reserve is very low… as low as a 45 year old woman, right before entering menopause… hence: NO TIME TO WASTE! (At that time, I was 34, FYI)

This came as a complete shock to me and I remember sitting there, doing my best not to cry, in front of the gynaecologist. But I couldn’t help that tears came running down my cheeks. He offered me a napkin (probably, he has to do this more often, I imagined) and immediately referred me to a fertility clinic to look at the different options that I had. I of course saw the picture in my head of our happy family with at least 2 kids tumbling down… Luckily, my husband took it really rationally – which helped to get my emotions under control – and proposed that we make an appointment with the fertility clinic in the same week.

Later that week, we were sitting together in the fertility clinic’s waiting room, which was filled with women who were looking sad, alone and cold… not the best first impression. But as soon as we could see the doctor, I felt better, because she seemed very caring and knowledgeable. She walked us through our different options: light hormone treatments to exactly time natural conceiving (while actually having sexual intercourse at home), medium hormone treatments to try sperm insemination in the clinic and the real deal, IVF, with quite strong hormone treatments. 2 things, which the 3 options have in common: they were all expensive and all of them needed hormone treatments. Although Iˋve never been a fan of hormones, we decided the best thing to do, considering the low egg reserve, would be to immediately try IVF, to avoid losing precious time.

One can only do 1 IVF cycle every 2 months, so we started January 2019 with the preparations : medicine & hormones… I already forgot what exactly I had to take, as I seem to have blocked this period from my brain, but I know I had to do daily injections in the beginning and take 2-3 pills a day. In the beginning, everything felt allright and my husband and I were completely motivated to make it work. I had to go back to the clinic regularly, to closely monitor the egg production and the outside of the uterus. There seemed to be 6 or 7 follicles, which seems to be rather on the lower side, but it could still be enough. We waited until they were big enough and another injection initiated ovulation. Right after ovulation, I had to go to the clinic again for the ,punction, somewhere mid February. The punction is the delicate process in which they try to capture the eggcels from the ovaries. This procedure was not too painful, but it was done under local anesthesia. My husband also had to do something at this step of the process… but he had the light part… he just had to bring his (fresh) 🙂 semen to the clinic in the morning. After that, it was up to the clinic to bring everything together and do the work.

I guess you can say this was not the best sex we ever had… 🙂 Story will continue in my next blogpost.

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